Grim Tide

Grim Tide is a tile-turning pick-up-and-deliver exploration game of hunting sea monsters in the age of sail for 2 to 4 players.

Sail the treacherous sea as captain of a monster-hunting crew. The deadly Kraken lurks in the waves, drawing closer with your every hunt. Only the most desperate or foolhardy captains venture far from shore. You, friend, are one of these.

During most of a game of Grim Tide, you’ll be primarily hunting increasingly dangerous sea monsters while avoiding the Kraken, which can attack your ship and eat your crew members. Ultimately, you’ll assemble a crew strong enough to fight back against the Kraken, and the player who does this and succeeds in destroying it is the winner.

You’ll earn a resource called Arcana by exploring, and you can use it to change the wind direction (allowing you to travel further), improve your chances in monster combat (by re-rolling dice), or activate crew member powers (there are 36 unique crew with unique powers that you can recruit).