Grim Tide

Grim Tide is a tile-turning pick-up and deliver exploration game of 19th century nautical horror for 2 to 4 players.

Sail the treacherous waters of the Dark Sea as captain of your ship. A deadly monster lurks in the waves, drawing closer with every shift of the tide. Only the most desperate or foolhardy captains venture far from shore. You, friend, are one of these.

In search of great renown within this cursed corner of the world, you will slay the beasts that haunt the black waves and display their trophies at the crowded port markets of Blackbrooke and Kingsfall. You’ll discover islands and salvage lost items or cursed artifacts washed up on their distant shores.  Every day brings new horrors, risks, and winds to fill your sails. You will sacrifice your crew and your own sanity to ensure that it is your ship that rises with the grim tide.

At its heart, Grim Tide is a game about exploration. You’ll start with a board composed of random, face-down tiles with hidden dangers that you’ll discover as you explore them. You’ll have to balance your crew’s morale against the horrors of the sea as you outfit your ship with the best combination of crew and items to suit your strategy. You could focus on faster movement and trade, arm yourself to hunt the foul monsters of the deep, or avoid combat and make your name as a master fisher. These routes all lead to Renown, which is the way to victory in Grim Tide. But don’t go to sea unprepared. A reckless captain will surely face madness, mutiny, or destruction under the slimy tentacles of the Kraken.

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