Age of Ambition

Age of Ambition is a euro-style game about influence and loyalty in an early Renaissance city for 2 to 4 players.

As a wealthy noble, you’ll try to secure your legacy by becoming the most influential patron of a developing city. Use your wealth to hire agents from the city’s six guilds, then deploy those agents to activate the guilds’ unique tactics, which range from gaining the loyalty of agents through intimidation, to dedicating statues in your honor, to erecting buildings that increase the influence of your loyal agents.

Because Age of Ambition uses a closed economic system, you’ll have to use the guilds’ tactics to regain spent wealth, or take on debts that may cost you influence at the end of the game.

All of the buildings and agents in the city belong to the guilds, and never to any one player. So you’ll have to adjust your strategy as other players’ actions open new opportunities to everyone.

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